The iPod Touch – A Solution or a Waste of Money?

What is the iPod Touch?

The iPod Touch is a bit different than the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone. These are all Apple products that are considered to be very high quality and the iPod Touch is specifically designed for music, but it does much more. This is an iPod that is able to allow the user to play games, listen to music, use apps, and do everything you can do with an iPhone.

So, if you can do everything you can do with an iPhone, why is the iPod Touch relevant? A better question might be, is the iPod Touch relevant, and if so, who it is best suited for? There are many handheld electronic devices and it can be hard to figure out what you need. The iPod Touch is relevant, but not for everybody.

The Situations the iPod Touch is Not Right For

iPod Touch

1. If you have an iPhone

If you already have an iPhone, then getting an iPod Touch is a waste of your money. Why would you want two devices that do nearly the same thing? If you own both you just have one that can make phone calls and one that cannot. Other than that they will do nearly the exact same thing as each other. You can store music on your iPhone just like you could the iPod Touch, so why would you want both?

2. If you Don’t use iTunes

Those that have no desire to use iTunes will be wasting their money if they get an iPod Touch. These are meant for music first, and if you don’t use iTunes you will struggle to use the iPod Touch for what it was first made for. Sure, you can still use it for the apps and the other features, but why get it if you cannot use it for music?

3. If you Need more than a Music Device

If you are looking for a phone or a tablet, then the iPod Touch is not for you. The iPad and iPhone will do much more for you and give you a better tool for your needs than the iPod Touch will. This is just not the same as either the iPhone or the iPad and it will just irritate you that you cannot do everything you want to do.

One Situation that is Perfect for the iPod Touch

There is one perfect situation that will give the user a great deal with the iPod Touch. This is for teenagers and young children. If you are looking for a way to give your children the opportunity to contact you, if they need to, play games, listen to music, and enjoy the apps without giving them an actual cell phone, then the iPod Touch is perfect.

The good thing is they can text their friends that have one and they can text anybody with a cell phone. This is helpful when you need to pick them up or they get done with something earlier than usual. They can make phone calls, but calls are not free. Of course, if it is an emergency the phone call can be placed, which is perfect for teenagers or young children.

Giving them a bit of freedom is a good thing and the iPod Touch can do exactly that without the high cost of a cell phone plan or the potential of racking up a huge bill. You can give them the ability to do everything they could ever want to do and it will make things easier for you. The best situation for the iPod Touch is for teenagers and young children.

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