SoftLayer Review

Why SoftLayer Has Become One of the Worst Dedicated Hosts

Here at Web Hosting Masters we all loved SoftLayer or the brands that were combined to turn them into a true web hosting juggernat.  They had huge shoes to fill as they merged various brands together to include Rack Shack, The Planet, etc…  For those of you that were lucky enough to use Rack Shack in its’ early days I’m sure you recall Robert Marsh the original Head Surfer.  Back then their support was top notch and they really cared about their clients.  They even based your username on the number of dedicated servers that you had with them.  So if you have 5 servers your username would be username-5.  As you ordered your 6th server it would automatically become username-6.  At one point I can recall having upwards of 20+ servers with them and our RackShack handle continued to grow.  Fast forward to present and we only have 3 left and we can’t get away from them soon enough.

So what’s changed in recent years that places them on our dreaded hosts list, right behind Navisite/Alabanza?  Their customer support is horrible and their network changes are constantly an annoyance to clients.  For starters we had servers with them for several years and not just a handful but quite a few.  One server hosted a very large Ecommerce website and the client made thousands daily in sales.  They received

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