5 Options for Hosting WordPress Blogs

Why Choose Hosting WordPress Blogs Instead of Other options?
wordpress-logo-leanHosting WordPress blogs is the most popular way to host a blog, but this is not the reason you should choose WordPress over Joomla hosting, Windows hosting, PHP hosting, or even free blog hosting. There are many reasons why hosting WordPress blogs is the best way to go and you are about to be enlightened to a few of them.

The first reason that WordPress is better is because it is easier to catch on to. It is not as technical as Joomla hosting is and you will not have to know how to write script like you do with PHP hosting. Since WordPress is so popular it is easy to find tutorials on each and every part of the system. Many of these are videos that you can watch and follow along with.

The second reason you should be hosting WordPress blogs instead of another type is the custom options you have. It is fairly easy to find a good theme that you can upload to use on your blog. Then you can use the widgets and plugins to make the necessary changes and have the blog looking and working the way you want it to.

The last major thing you have to know about hosting WordPress blogs is that it will not be free. Free blog hosting is limited and you will not have much control over it. You will struggle when it comes to custom options and you will not be able to use your own domain. This means that if the free blog hosting company does not like what you put up they can take it right down.

Below you are going to find five options for blog hosting. A couple of these blog hosts you will want to avoid, but the other three are considered to be a few of the best blog hosting companies in the business. It is important to have the right hosting and your major two choices for your blog are going to be Joomla hosting and hosting WordPress blogs.

Five Choices for Hosting WordPress Blogs
1. The Cheapest Website Hosting

This is a bit general, but many beginners will gravitate towards the cheapest website hosting because they seem to think it is the best way to go. Price is not something you want to be worried about when you are trying to find the best blog hosting for your blog. When you want to start hosting WordPress blogs you have to know that having a great hosting company will make a huge difference. The cheapest website hosting will not be the best blog hosting.

2. HostMonster Hosting

One of the best blog hosts in the business is HostMonster. You do not have to believe me because you are going to find plenty of HostMoster reviews while you are searching for hosting. In fact, there is a HostMoster review right on this website that you should read. Then, you should read other HostMoster reviews so that you are confident in the decision you are going to be making for hosting WordPress blogs.

3. Google Web Host

You may be thinking that the best blog hosting must come from a big name like the Google web host. Well, if you remember from earlier we discussed how bad free hosting can be and this is one of the worst ones. Google is known for being a control freak and this is why they give you free hosting with the Google web host. This option should be avoided at all costs and you will be happy you did not choose the Google web host later.

4. FatCow Hosting

Probably the newest and most popular of the best blog hosting companies is FatCow. They are very inexpensive and you can find many FatCow reviews listed on the top web hosting blogs and websites. This is because they are one of the top ten hosting companies and you can read a FatCow review right on this site.

5. BlueHost Hosting

The most reliable hosting company for blogs and websites is certainly BlueHost. We saved the best for last and you will not be disappointed when you read the BlueHost review. If you are looking for a great way for hosting WordPress blogs, then read the BlueHost review to find out what they can offer. They are more reliable than every other hosting company out there and many internet marketers have turned to BlueHost for their blog hosting.

One Final Note on Hosting WordPress Blogs
Since you already know why hosting WordPress blogs is better than using Joomla hosting, Windows hosting, or even free hosting like the Google web host, it is important that you understand how to make the correct decision for hosting. You should not choose a blog host simply because you are told to or because you read about how good it is.

You should be choosing a blog host because you have confidence it is the best decision for you. After you read HostMoster reviews, FatCow reviews, and at least one BlueHost review you will find that one of these can provide you with great hosting. However, just to be sure you are making the right decision you should compare these three to other blog hosting choices on the top ten hosting list.

This will help you to see which hosting is going to fit your needs the best and which one you are most comfortable with. Most of the top web hosting companies offer the same hosting options with similar prices, so you may want to test the support before you make your final decision. Blog hosting is important and when you are going to be hosting WordPress blogs you need the best blog hosting you can find.

What is WordPress Hosting Really?
When you want to learn how to put up a website or blog and you want a system that can help you WordPress hosting is necessary. WordPress is a platform that you can use to give access to a team of workers on your website. You can give them all their own log in and you can control what they can and cannot do as well.

WordPress hosting is heavily used by many when it comes to blog hosting and you can find out about it by reading any of the HostMoster reviews, FatCow Reviews, or even a BlueHost Review. These are three of the top ten hosting companies that have WordPress hosting for you to use. They have all three of the top options for hosting and you can get the best blog hosting from any of these three companies.

Getting the right hosting for your blog or website is very important because if you do not have the best blog host you will struggle to get what you are after out of your blog or website. The top web hosting companies are the ones you should be looking into because they will have the best blog hosting for you.

Any of the best blog hosts will have the WordPress hosting option and it is highly recommended that you compare at least three of the top ten hosting companies to help you make your decision. Many of them have different benefits and by reading the HostMonster reviews and FatCow reviews you will quickly notice the differences in the hosting companies.

Choosing the Right Host for WordPress Hosting
The main thing you want to be looking for with WordPress hosting is the company that you are most comfortable with. This means that you need to do your research and test out the different parts of the best blog host that you are going to be choosing. WordPress hosting is not hard to find, but finding a good host is not always easy.

You have to make sure that you read up on the different reviews like the BlueHost review that is out there or you might end up with a hosting company that is not as good as you could have gone with. There are many lists of the top web hosting companies and these are a great place to find good reviews and information about the different blog hosts that use WordPress hosting.

When you start looking for hosting do not get caught up with looking for the cheapest website hosting like most do because this can cause you to find the wrong type of hosting for your website or blog. This also may not be hosting that is good for you because you may get stuck with something like Google web hosting, which is just not good at all.

You want to compare the amount of space, the bandwidth, and the actual support as well. Support is very important because you have to have the right support when you are putting up a website. You do not want to spend much time with your website down and when you read the FatCow reviews you will find out that you need to have great support from your host.

This is very important and the top web hosting companies can give you the support you need. You have to look into the top ten hosting companies for your blog host because if you do not you could end up with an option that is just not that good. You have to get the cheapest website hosting out of your mind and understand that this is too important to go cheap on.

A Few Ways to Narrow Down the WordPress Hosting Options
The best way to narrow down your WordPress hosting is to read the BlueHost review, the Fatcow reviews, the HostMoster reviews, and any other reviews you can find for the best blog host that is out there. These are all from top ten hosting companies and they can make a huge difference in your decision. Reviews give you a little glimpse into how it is to work with a specific hosting company and that is important.

Now you also have to test the support by asking them questions. This will give you an idea of how fast they respond to you and how well you will get support when you need it. You have to eliminate the options you do not feel comfortable with and you have to figure out the blog host that is right for you or you will not be happy with your blog hosting.

You have to be wary of the options out there like the cheapest website hosting and even worse the free Google web hosting that is offered. These are not good options and many times they are designed more for someone that is not trying to make any money from their website or their blog. You will not get the leverage you can get from one of the top web hosting choices when you go free or even just cheap.

The bottom line is that you have to be able to set your business up for success and you can do this by choosing the best blog host for you. Make sure you know what you are after and you know how much space and speed you need. Then, you simply have to read the different reviews and choose one of the WordPress hosting options that works for you.

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