The Overall Importance of Proper Real Estate Website Hosting

real-estate-hosting-houseGetting the Right Real Estate Website Hosting
There are many options for hosting, but only a few that work well for real estate website hosting. This is because real estate sites typically take up a large amount of space due to the pictures they need to show and the virtual tours that happen online with these types of websites. You have to make sure you have hosting that can accommodate all of this.

This means that in order to get the right real estate website hosting you need to have the right type of hosting and the right hosting company. You need hosting that can store all your images and allow your site to function properly, but you also need a hosting company that is reliable and provides the right type of support.

Things to Consider When Choosing Real Estate Website Hosting
1. Security

Security is very important and if you want the right real estate website hosting that will provide you with a higher level of security, then you want to avoid shared web hosting. This type of hosting will have you sharing a server with other hosting accounts and this can mean that you are vulnerable to getting hacked by another site or by a hacker trying to get into one of these other sites.

Shared hosting does not give you the best amount of security and you will want to go with the VPS web hosting or with a dedicated server so that you can use better security to protect your site. This will help you in many ways and since security is so important you cannot put your clients or your company at risk.

2. Space

Another thing you have to consider with real estate website hosting is that you are going to need enough space for your actual site and all the files that go along with it. This means that shared hosting will probably not work for you once again. If you use up all the resources for pictures and video from the server you are sharing it will shut everything down.

Instead you can use the VPS option or a dedicated server so that if you run out of space you can just upgrade for more space. The VPS option is a great way to go when starting out because it is not as expensive as getting a dedicated server for your business. Plus you can upgrade as you grown with VPS Hosting.

3. Speed

You also have to consider the speed of the real estate website hosting you decide to go with. You do not have much time to gain the attention of your visitors so you have to have a site that will load fast. This goes hand in hand with the space you have and the more space you have the faster your site will be.

The Actual Real Estate Website Hosting Company
Choosing the right real estate website hosting company is a very important thing to do and you have to make sure you get a reliable company with 24/7 support over the phone and the internet. These to qualities in a hosting company will help to make sure you experience the smallest amount of downtime and it will make it much easier to get your site up and running.

The most reliable host is BlueHost. They provide full service support whenever you need it and they offer shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting options to help fit your needs. Choosing the right hosting company is not always easy and getting the best real estate website hosting only comes from BlueHost.

Why is Real Estate Website Design so Important?

What you Should Know About Real Estate Website Design
Since real estate website design is something you better know about or at least know enough to get it done, it is important that you know why. Real estate websites are much different than any other websites out there and if you do not know what you need for your design, then you may not be able to compete.

This is one of the most competitive fields you can work in and with the housing market being so poor it is even more competitive than ever. This means that if you own a real estate business you will need to know all about real estate website design so that you can put up a site that will kill your competition.

A Few Important Things to Know about Real Estate Website Design
1. Start with the domain and name

The first thing you have to do when it comes to real estate website design is get a domain name and choose a name for your website. This should be something very easy for your potential customers to use to identify your website. It could be the same as the name for your actual business or something that is different.

If you choose a domain name that does not make much sense for your business, then you will struggle to compete. You need to either use your business name and brand your actual website or you need to pick a very hot and specific keyword from the real estate industry to use as your domain. Also, make sure you get either a .com, .net, or .biz or you are wasting your money.

2. Content is next

One of the most important elements of the real estate website design is the content. Content is the actual information and this is what is going to get you listed in the search engine results for different keyword phrases. If you have quality content that your visitors can use you can literally get listed for hundreds of keyword phrases and fill your site with many daily visitors.

3. Navigation of the site

Since you only have a few seconds to capture your visitors with the real estate website design you have chosen you need to make sure your site is very easy to navigate. You will want menus to be easy to find and help you to actually get your visitors to where they are trying to go before they leave your site and end up on your competition’s website.

4. Contact information

Another very important part of your actual real estate website design is the contact information. You should have information for each and every real estate agent you have on your staff so that any potential and current clients can get in touch with the person they want to speak with about their property.

5. Hosting

When you have a website you have to have hosting unless you own a server that you can host your site on. Since most do not you will want to get the best hosting possible to help house all of your real estate website design work. This means you should choose BlueHost because they are the most reliable and the best when it comes to actual support.

Finishing up the Real Estate Website Design
Putting the final touches on your website can make a huge difference and you want to make sure you hire the right person or company to handle your real estate website design. This means that you need to see past work and know exactly what you are going to be getting. They should provide you with many things like virtual tours of the properties you feature.

If your design company does their job correctly, then you can use a SEO firm to help you with the actual content. This will ensure that you get high listings in the search engines and maximize your traffic. If you do everything properly when it comes to real estate website design you will gain quite a bit of business.

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