Why to Choose a Virtual Dedicated Server Host

noc-dedicated-servers-guyA Virtual Dedicated Server Host for the Right Situation
If you have read any of our other posts, then you may already know that there is a situation that is perfect for every type of hosting and a virtual dedicated server host works best for a few situations. Many times, we make our hosting decision based on what we are able to spend each month, but this is a flawed way to make a decision.

Of course, you have to consider your budget, but if you only look at what you can afford, then you may be missing out on hosting that could make the difference between good profits and no profits. It happens more when people are considering free hosting or spending a few bucks a month for shared hosting.
If you have graduated to thinking about finding a virtual dedicated server host, we would suggest ITX Design. Those that have not figured it out, usually find out the hard way how important it is to have the right type of hosting for your project and the amount of activity you are getting now and in the future.

Finding the right hosting is not always that easy. Make sure you are looking at the top companies or you may end up with a virtual dedicated server host that does not give you the benefits that VPS hosting was created for. This is a great type of hosting, that is, if you are in the right situation to take advantage of it.

Who Should Use a Virtual Dedicated Server Host?
There are many situations, websites, blogs, and other projects that can certainly benefit from VPS hosting. The key here is to understand your needs and the true value of getting a VPS hosting package. There are many types of hosting out there and VPS hosting falls right in between shared and dedicated hosting in many ways.

There is not just one price point or one package size for VPS hosting. It can range from about $10 a month all the way up to $600 a month and the price is determined mainly by the resources and space you need. The larger packages will cost more and most of the best VPS hosting companies offer between 3 and 15 different packages.

Some companies don’t go as high as $600 in cost because once you hit about $150 to $200 a month, it is time to look into getting a dedicated server for your hosting needs. Most projects can start out with a virtual dedicated server host for around $50 a month and this will give you enough space and resources to help you move forward with your project.

The key to getting the best out of your virtual dedicated server host is to get a company that takes the worry away. If you are constantly having to contact their support and you are always dealing with issues, then you will not have as much time for your marketing and the project itself. Don’t let this be the case for you.

If you can easily afford $50 or more a month, then using a virtual dedicated server host will be very beneficial for you and will give you more security with a higher performing type of hosting. Even those that cannot afford $50 a month yet, but can start with $20 a month and a smaller VPS hosting package can reap the benefits.

The Virtual Dedicated Server Host we Recommend
There are a few very good VPS hosting companies out there and we have a list of the best VPS hosting companies to your left. The one that tops the list is called Inmotion hosting. They are also listed in our top ten hosting company’s list and you can certainly benefit from using this top virtual dedicated server host.

Using Managed Dedicated Website Hosting to Gain an Edge

An Introduction to Managed Dedicated Website Hosting
A managed dedicated website hosting service, dedicated server, or unmanaged hosting service is a kind of Internet hosting service for all customers. By renting the web server, buying your own servers, and having them housed and managed you can gain extra control and more flexibility than using shared hosting.

As well as server management, the company can provide hosting services, housing, and more. In some cases, the server offer less overhead and increase the return on investment. Private servers provide redundant power sources, which create less downtime not matter what happens. Usually, you get more professional support with managed dedicated website hosting, as well.

The Most Important Features of Managed Dedicated Website Hosting
1. System support

Dedicated server hosting is often determined to be either good or bad based on the price, reliability, and the operating system. Linux and UNIX (Open Source operating system) are considered the best and they can be changed and updated for free. A commercial operating system, like Microsoft Windows, uses a special program called Microsoft SPLA.

A monthly basic fee for Red Hat Enterprise Linux hosting providers will give you access to the commercial version. Other operating systems are available with an open source structure, as well. CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, BSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD are a few other options.

2. Bandwidth and connectivity

Bandwidth is the amount of time used by your website to allow visitors access. It is usually measured by the second and will determine the price of the hosting, partially.

One of the reasons providers choose to outsource dedicated servers and get managed dedicated website hosting, is the power it affords them. Instead of paying to own and house their own servers, they can buy the servers and house them with a managing company. This, usually, allows for more bandwidth.

If you choose to get managed dedicated website hosting from a company that uses their own network can give you guaranteed 100% uptime. This is the best way to go and if you are considering dedicated hosting, the more uptime that is guaranteed, the better.

3. Security

The managed dedicated website hosting usually has top security features. Providers of dedicated servers will use highly secure programs and in emergencies, they will use the right tools to ensure proper security. Internet providers generally can block spammers, hackers, and viruses. They use specific security measures to help ensure the safety of your data. Even though, Linux and Windows servers use different types of security, they are both very secure.

4. Software

Special software packages may be available for your use at an additional monthly fee. Not only do the companies recognize this marketing opportunity, but also you can get the tools you need. They are able to buy and sell software that allows for a low monthly fee pricing model because they are dedicated hosting providers with monthly fees.

The programs are licensed under the Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement. Monthly users or processors can use Microsoft products, based on the level of the SPLA model. Some of the possible programs include the Windows operating system, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint, and Shoutcast.

By installing these programs on a separate dedicated server, providers can offer the option, for the user to select the desired program. This allows the servers to be customized for specific needs and requirements.

Another way the hosting company may allow you access to these software programs is through a control panel. This can give you the ability to use many different tools and features without having to go to a separate server. You can choose from the vast selection offered and use the tools that give you what you really need.

Hosting companies fill the control panel with management tools that will allow you to manage your content, emails, domain name, and much more. This makes getting you websites and blogs live, on the internet, much easier.

5. Limitations

Many suppliers do not allow IRC (bots, clients, or daemons) because these can lower the quality of service to all customers. Suppliers may protect their networks against DDoS attacks and protect themselves by not allowing:

• Adult content is not permitted by many suppliers available
• Copyright violations

6. Management of Managed Dedicated Website Hosting
Managed dedicated website hosting providers supply you with a specific level of management. Things taken care of by the provider usually include: Frequent updates, security patches, and sometimes include administrative support, as well as the operating system. You may also be able to get domain name configuration, if necessary.

Dedicated server hosting providers can provide support for the server management:

• Fully customizable – monitoring, software updates, reboots, security patches, and updates to the operating system are provided. Customers are completely closed manually.

• Managed – middle management, monitoring, there are a limited number of updates and support level. Customers can perform certain tasks.

• Self-Managed – regular monitoring and some maintenance Customer and business objectives, the private server

• Unmanaged – Little service to any participation all maintenance, software updates, bug fixes, and security customers.

Some examples: –

• The operating system update
• Application Updates
• Server control
• SNMP monitoring equipment
• monitoring the implementation of
• Management Programs
• Technical Support
• Firewall Service

7. Monitoring

Server Intellect works in this system and ICMP (PING) is a system to detect the protocol that will be followed. Port monitoring can be added for a small additional cost. If the server does not respond to the ping request, it will try to check the mental status of the server. Server Intellect is for when used to restart the system.

8. Enterprise Data Backup

Reasoning Systems Enterprise Server software is used for data archiving. It is provided at no additional charge for special accounts. This program is located on your server. Backups are made every night in case of server failure, which helps to protect you in the case of your data being corrupted. The server can just be reset to the last backup time.

9. Active security management

The latest software updates for the server control will provide security and protection. These updates are usually performed on a monthly basis.

10. Virus Protection

For an additional fee, you can get the type of virus protection you prefer. Your company will manage this and they will take care of all updates.

If you are looking for a great way to get what you need out of your hosting, then getting managed dedicated website hosting can give you the ability to do more and compete online with the businesses you are up against.

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