Top Tips for Writing a Business Blog

There are numerous libraries full of articles across the internet extolling the benefits of writing a blog for your business. You can become a trusted expert, you can engender positive feelings in your customer base, you can enhance the chances of news about your business being shared, you can maximize awareness of your brand, you have a better chance of being found by Google searches … etc. etc. etc.

Of course, once you are aware of the benefits, you’re confronted with the first big problem. How exactly should a business blog be written? Use these tips to get the most out of your business’ blog.

Offer Helpful Advice and Interesting News

When you’re writing a business blog, you don’t want to simply drone on about your own new products and services. You want to give out information that potential customers will find interesting and helpful.

There are a few ways to do this, so choose the one that’s best for you, or combine different elements.

  • Personalize yourself and your business. This works great for small businesses and cottage industries. People love hearing about the passions of others, so talking about your highs and lows can gain you a following who will cheer you on when you succeed and commiserate when you suffer a setback.
  • Act as a link aggregator or industry news feed. You can use your blog to gather together the most interesting news and developments in your industry. Add to your value by offering commentary and analysis rather than links only.
  • Offer tips and advice. This is a great way to appear helpful and knowledgeable to your customer base. Offer simple tips or projects that use the products and services you sell and inspire your readers.

Keep it Professional, but don’t be Afraid to have Fun

There is certainly no harm in being a bit silly every so often by using your blog to share a funny picture or light-hearted video. However, be careful not to get too familiar with your reader base.

When things are on the Internet, anyone can read them. Keep it professional – don’t badmouth customers or competition and don’t air the dirty laundry of your personal life! Try to avoid too much dilution of your brand and niche. An outdoors supply company blog can probably talk about the dangers of mosquito diseases, but it might be a bit of a stretch for a furniture company, no matter how interesting you find it!

Don’t Go for the Hard Sell

If you’re running your blog properly, you don’t need to use it to hawk products. Figure out how you can mention your products and services in a helpful way, such as by giving a tutorial that uses the items you sell, or talking about how you are excited about a new delivery. Being too pushy will drive away your readers.

This guest post brought to you by Susan Connolly who enjoys blogging about everything from mosquito diseases to blogging tips.

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