Why WordPress and GoDaddy Hosting Don’t Fit

WordPress and GoDaddy Hosting Are Not Good Together

There are many choices out there for your hosting and if you need to start a blog, don’t choose WordPress and GoDaddy hosting. This is not the best way to get access to WordPress and if you want to be successful it is not recommended to choose WordPress and GoDaddy hosting. WordPress, by itself, is amazing, but with the lack of support from GoDaddy, it is just not all that impressive.

The problem is that GoDaddy hosting does not give you the necessary tools to really take advantage of this blogging platform. You have to use the JetPack plugin to get all the tools and it is not the easiest way to access WordPress. On top of that, when you choose WordPress and GoDaddy hosting there have been many problems reported.

One specific problem is that the links to your posts will just stop working. They will tell you that you have to reset your permalink settings, but this is not a WordPress issue, it is a GoDaddy issue. Others that use WordPress with a better hosting company are not experiencing these issues and they simply do not have the problems that are found with WordPress and GoDaddy hosting.

The Alternatives to WordPress and GoDaddy Hosting

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform or CMS out there and it is a great tool for beginners trying to put up a blog or a website. It will make the design and management much easier along with giving you a very good foundation for making your changes, updates, posts, and more. This is very powerful, but with WordPress and GoDaddy hosting you don’t get the same power.

There are many alternatives you can choose to get access to the WordPress CMS and you don’t have to go with GoDaddy hosting. GoDaddy is an amazing domain registration company and this is their specialty. However, they are not a recommended hosting company and this is something they don’t do all that well, especially with the WordPress option.

They have strange charges if you want to build more webpages and their hosting packages don’t make much sense. On top of that, the control panel they use, is not very user-friendly and they don’t make anybody’s top ten list for hosting. However, they are almost always the number one choice for domain registration and they do have cool commercials.

The best alternative to WordPress and GoDaddy hosting is to get WordPress with BlueHost hosting. This company is our number one choice for blog hosting and it is because of the reliability and ease of use they provide you with WordPress. You don’t have to worry about silly charges and you won’t have the same problems you get with GoDaddy hosting.

Another great alternative is HostGator hosting with WordPress. This allows you to access and use WordPress through the Fantastico De Lux script library and once it is set up, you really don’t have to access the HostGator control panel much. They are one of the largest and most well known hosting companies and if you choose either of these alternatives, your experience will be better.

Avoiding WordPress and GoDaddy Hosting

The easiest way to avoid GoDaddy hosting is to skip that section when you register your domain name. Of course, they are going to offer it at a discount if you choose their hosting, but if you just go to BlueHost and choose their hosting, they will give you your domain name for free. Now you know the truth about WordPress and GoDaddy hosting.

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