Finding the Best Restaurant Website Hosting

restaurant-hosting-ladyWhat is the Best Restaurant Website Hosting?
When it comes to having restaurant website hosting you have to know that if you do not have good hosting your site may not be up as much as necessary. With a restaurant website one of the main things you want to be able to do is promote your company with the menu, specials, and any entertainment options you may have going on.

You are probably not going to have customers order online, but your website is still vital to your business. You need to have the best possible restaurant website hosting or your site may suffer because you cut corners and went with a host that was not as good for you at all. Some of the best hosting companies can provide you with more uptime, more space, and better support for your website.

This is how you are going to get people to come into your restaurant to spend money and having an online presence is very important. You can link social media pages like Facebook and Twitter to this page and you can blog about anything new in your industry or restaurant to get more people to see your site as well.

Some of the Restaurant Website Hosting Options to Avoid
1. Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting that involves a middleman, which is the reseller. This person has purchased a large amount of space from their hosting company and they are going to sell parts of that space off to others for their websites. This is not a good type of restaurant website hosting if you want to avoid downtime.

2. Free Hosting

Free hosting might sound like a good type of restaurant website hosting, but it is not. Just because it is free does not make it good. You will trade off resources, ads on your website, and more to get the hosting for free and this will just distract from what you are trying to put in front of your website visitors.

3. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is not the worst option in the world for restaurant website hosting, but it is not a great option either. This option will have you sharing a server with many other websites, which means that you will fight for resources and you will have to worry about downtime issues if you get too much traffic.

The Best Option for Restaurant Website Hosting
The best option for restaurant website hosting is to use ITX Design and get VPS hosting from them. You do not need a huge package right from the get go, but the reason this option is the best is that you can upgrade as you move forward. If you need more space it is easy to spend a few more dollars a month and get more space.

VPS hosting will give you the security options and the space you need to make sure your site is very rarely down. This will allow you to get your name and menu online along with anything else you want to promote. You will not have to fight for resources with any other websites because you will have your own partition of the server all for your website.

The reason ITX Design is chosen for restaurants is because they provide incredible support. You have enough to deal with and you really should not have to worry about chasing down your host for support when something is an issue with your website. Instead, if you with restaurant website hosting from ITX Design you will get support whenever you need it online or on the phone.

restaurant-iconsThe Keys to a Restaurants Website

Why You Need to Have a Restaurants Website
When you are looking into getting one of the restaurants website choices that are out there you are already on the right path. Your business has to have a website even if your customers cannot order right from it. This is an easy way to let the masses know when you are open, what is going on, and what you serve.

Having a website for your establishment is a great way to promote your food, your drink, and anything else you might have. The restaurants website is one of the tools that can be used to make up the mind of potential diners and if you have a website you have a better chance of getting those that do not want to call you and ask you 20 questions before dining.

The Top Keys to a Restaurants Website
1. The Home Page

Many of the restaurants website choices that are out there for other restaurants are not that impressive. Your homepage should be catchy and should show something that is significant about your restaurant. If people come in because you serve amazing food, then show this. If people come in because you have 50 beers on tap, then show this. The main thing is put your signature “thing” on your homepage to draw more interest.

Also, you want to include your hours of operation and your contact information right on the homepage. This can be put over to the side or at the bottom, but the majority of people that come to your site want to know when you are open, what you serve, and what might be going on. Put up any daily specials you have as well.

2. Your Menu

It is absolutely necessary that you have your menu online. You want to put up every single dish you serve and you want to include prices as well. The last thing you want is for someone to show up and get something they are not expecting or find out you are more expensive than they thought. Full disclosure is the only way to go with a restaurants website.

3. Your Hosting

Hosting is a major component of a restaurants website and you have to have the most reliable hosting out there. What if your website went down a few hours before your busiest time and those that want to dine with you don’t because your website did not work when they tried to go to it? This could cost you money every week.

This is why you need to go with the most reliable hosting company out there, ITX Design. They will make sure you experience the least amount of downtime possible and they will also make sure you get the necessary support whenever you need it. ITX Design is rated very high and recommended by many that use them for their own sites.

Some Other Things to Feature on a Restaurants Website
You can also feature your staff if you are like a Hooters or another type of restaurant that has a unique staff. Another thing you can put up on your website is a newsfeed or a blog that will feature new things that are happening, upcoming events, new products, and anything you can share with those that might frequent your website.

The last thing to think about with a restaurants website is connecting it to the different social media options out there. This is a great way to stay connected with your regular customers. Consider connecting with a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account at least. You could really connect a restaurants website with as many social networks as you want.

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