Top Family Blog WordPress Themes

Wordpress ThemesFamily blogs are a great way to keep in touch, share family news and create a community for your family. They are becoming more and more popular every month. However, you cannot just start a blog for your family without first choosing the right theme. WordPress is the right choice for your family blog and here are the top themes for your new blog.

Adam & Eve

This is a premium theme perfect for new couples ready to start a blog for their family. You don’t even have to be married yet. It can be used to show the rest of your family how much you love each other and keep them up-to-date on wedding plans.

Once you’re married, you can switch the blog over to a marriage blog and keep everybody informed about big news in your lives. It can even be used as a family blog theme when you start having children.


The Babylog theme is perfect for couples trying to conceive or those with a baby on the way. It’s free and allows you to keep a baby journal to share with everybody in your family. You can choose from four different colors including blue, green, purple and pink. Imagine sharing pictures of your belly as you progress and announcing news about your baby as you go through your pregnancy.


Blissful is a premium theme perfect for use as a wedding website. It gives you a set of colors with a soft look and allows you to show off plenty of pictures throughout the engagement process, the wedding and the reception. You can choose from three different layouts and this theme supports custom headers.


StudioPress created this premium WordPress theme and gives you four color pallets to choose from. You can customize the header to fit your needs and use this to announce upcoming family parties, news and more. The best part about this theme is how professional it looks.


A free WordPress theme perfect for a family blog, Pachyderm is family friendly and provides a great format for the younger readers. It provides all the regular customization options and gives you the option to use a sidebar or disable it. If you’re family has lots of young children, this is a great theme to use until they are a little older.

Pretty Young Thing

Another premium theme from StudioPress, this one allows for three color choices, yellow, teal and pink. It’s perfect for many different family things from announcing and tracking your baby to a regular family blog. With the different color schemes and layouts, you can change it as needed to fit the events in your family. It comes with six layouts, a featured image option and custom headers.


If the stork has visited and you have a baby on the way, this is a theme perfect for your baby blog. It uses the Twenty Eleven framework as the base and allows you to customize as you wish to fit your needs. It’s the perfect choice for expecting mothers.


The perfect free WordPress theme for the holidays, Spirit allows you to customize the theme with snowfall, texture and even a Christmas tree. If you just want to start a blog to announce holiday plans each year, this free theme will do the trick.


A responsive theme perfect for viewing on a computer and on mobile devices, Minblr is much like the micro blogging found within Tumblr. It allows you to choose from 10 different skins, use multiple widget areas, choose different layouts and it even supports different post formats. This is one of the best choices when it comes to an overall family blog for all the big events, regular news, pictures and even feeding the social networks into your family blog.

Whether you’re looking to start a blog for your new baby on the way, your wedding or you just want a great way to keep everybody in the family updates on what’s going on, the right them will make a huge difference. Some themes don’t allow for the best customization, while others don’t give you many color options. Choosing the right theme will give you more flexibility and make blogging for your family a better experience.

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