Why GoDaddy Hosting is Not Recommended

GoDaddy Hosting and the Truth

GoDaddy hosting is offered with every domain name registration they do, but is it a good choice? Many people buy it simply because it will allow you to get your domain name for a very cheap price and it is offered when registering a domain name through GoDaddy.com. Even though GoDaddy is great for registering domain names, the GoDaddy hosting is not all that good.

Many customers have experienced issues with the GoDaddy hosting and there are better choices out there. The basic package they sell will not give you many pages to add to your website. If you want more than just a few pages you will have to purchase more hosting, which cost you more money. Other hosting companies offer the same type of hosting, but don’t try to charge you for adding extra pages.

Another issue with GoDaddy hosting is the way they give you access to WordPress. Since WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, it is important to make sure you get the right access to it. With companies like HostGator, you access WordPress through the Fantastico script library and you can install it on your website with just a few clicks. This is not how GoDaddy works and the access they give you is a bit temperamental.

GoDaddy Hosting Support

The support team at GoDaddy hosting is quick to pick up the phone, but they don’t always help you solve the problem. Most times, they will tell you what it could be, but it will be up to you to figure out how to fix the problem. They are not trained well enough to guide you through your hosting problems and this is a problem for you.

Part of the issue is the support team is trained to help you with domain registration issues first and hosting second. This means they are not set up to help you in the same ways as other hosting companies are. They simply don’t provide the best support out there and you can choose a much better option with a little bit of research.

Many times people choose to go with GoDaddy hosting simply because it is convenient. It is like buying something at a convenience store because you had to stop for gas. You know it will be more expensive, but you don’t have to make another trip to the store. This is not how you want to get your hosting and even though GoDaddy hosting is offered with your domain name, it is not worth your time.

The GoDaddy Hosting Support is Only One Issue

Even though support is vital to your success and all good hosting companies provide great support, this is not the only problem GoDaddy hosting has. They, also, don’t offer good hosting packages packed with features, their cPanel is hard to navigate, and they don’t offer the variety of CMS options as other hosting companies do.

GoDaddy does one thing well and one thing only. The one thing they do well is not hosting. It is domain registration. If you decide to use GoDaddy hosting, it is almost guaranteed you will be ready to transfer over to a new hosting company within a few months. The problem is, you probably bought a full year with GoDaddy hosting, and you may try to stick it out just because it is paid for.

There is nothing worse than finding out that, your hosting is not good and that your website or blog is down again. You want to have great support from your hosting company, but the ultimate goal is to never have to use that support. With GoDaddy hosting you will be contacting support all the time and they might even get to know you by your first name.

Choosing to register your domain name with GoDaddy is something you should do, but choosing to go with the hosting they offer will only cause you more issues than you need. Instead, you should compare a few of the top hosting companies, change your nameservers, and host your domain somewhere other than GoDaddy hosting.

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