5 Affordable Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Using affordable search engine marketing can bring you a ton of traffic. It is no secret that Google is responsible for over 50% of the traffic to websites on the internet and as a whole, search engines make up over 75% of the traffic generated online. This means if you want to get a large number of visitors to your website or blog you need to know how to use some of the most affordable search engine marketing strategies.

The Most Effective Search Engine Marketing Strategies

1. Article Marketing and Syndication

When you get your content on many different websites, blogs, and directories it can have a direct and an indirect effect on your search engine rankings. This is the most affordable search engine marketing strategy because it can be use absolutely for free. Of course, there are ways to scale it up for a small fee with outsourcing and different automation tools.

The basic idea behind article marketing and syndication is to write an article about something important in the industry you are working within, submit it to directories, blogs, websites, and anywhere that will put it up on the internet, and gain traffic and backlinks from each place. They will allow an author bio box or resource box and usually you can include to links back to your website or blog within it.

2. Blog Commenting

Another great way to use an affordable search engine marketing to gain ranking is to comment on other blogs. Most blogs will allow you to create a link back to your website and some will even pull the most recent post from your blog and link back to it. This will create traffic from the blogs and will give you powerful backlinks to increase your search engine ranking.

The thing you must be careful with when doing blog commenting is how you get your comments out there. You cannot just hire a service to blast them out or create some spun comment that goes out all over the place. You need to choose the top 25 blogs in your industry and find out which ones allow a link back to your site or blog within the comment. Then, read an actual post each day from the blogs and leave a real comment. This will lead to better links and traffic for your site. Not to mention, your comments won’t get deleted if they are real.

3. Guest Blogging

A similar way to gain backlinks and traffic from other blogs is to provide them with a guest post they can use on their blog. This will give you the opportunity to create a relationship with a blogger that will allow you to provide more guest posts later on. Each post will give you one or two backlinks to your website or blog, which helps with the search engine ranking and with direct traffic.

Guest blogging is a newer form of article marketing and allows you to use your content to drive traffic and gain links for your website. You may be surprised when you start looking for blogs that allow guest posts because most of them do. This gives you the opportunity to gain traffic and links.

4. Social Bookmarking

With social media sites and social bookmarking sites being so popular you can use a service like Social Monkee or Onlywire to gain backlinks and traffic from social sites. These are both free services that will help you to gain ranking in the search engines and may provide you with a little bit of direct traffic, as well.

5. Build My Rank

A paid tool that has to be considered one of the best affordable search engine marketing strategies is Build My Rank. This site is only $60 a month for the lower level membership, which will work for most people, and you can create up to 10 posts of 150 words per posts each day with one link each in them. These go on blogs with a PR from 1 to 6 and you gain easy and fast backlinks to your website or blog. Many have used this service to climb up the rankings very fast.

6. Your Content

Nothing matters more than the content on your own website or blog. If you are not a good writer, you should hire someone skilled in writing good website content to help you. Your content must be written with a theme unlike the old days of choosing a main keyword and shoving it into the content all over the place.

Another thing your content must contain is quality writing. If it cannot be used by the reader or does not answer the question they may have, then it is not considered quality content. Google also looks at how long the content is and many are ranking better with content of 700 or more words. This is a necessity if you want to gain traffic from the search engines.

Using More than One Affordable SEM Strategy

affordable search engine marketing

It is necessary to use more than just one of the affordable search engine marketing strategies so that your backlinks are coming from a variety of places. In addition, methods like article marketing and guest blogging can help create long-term traffic sources other than the search engines and they both provide you with affordable search engine marketing benefits.

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