What can Directory Links do For Your Website?


Is there any Relevancy Left for Using Directory Links?

When discussing directory links you have to understand what these are and where they started. Directory links used to be considered free for all or FFA links. These are basically sites that will allow you to submit a link with anchor text back to your website that will be posted on their page.

FFA links were very popular when they first came out because they were free and you could get a bit of traffic from them. The best part was every time you submitted a link it was at the top of the page until others submitted links as well. This was something that many used to get traffic and backlinks to their websites.

The real question now is what can directory links do for your website today and are they still relevant? Many have asked this question, but it is not the easiest one to answer. Here is the full answer plus a little extra to help you with your backlinking efforts.

Why do Directory Links Appeal to the Marketer?

The major reason that using directory links is something that marketers want to do is because they are easy and fast create. There are many different software programs that can be used to get backlinks to your sites from directory submissions. These will literally submit your link to thousands of websites very fast and easy.

Marketers always like methods that are very fast and do not take much effort to build up the links they are after. The problem is most of the quick fix type of methods are not very good and they are typically outdated. This is why you need to know whether these are still good links for your site or not.

Are Directory Links Still Worth your Time?

When it comes down to it some directory links will still give you good link juice, but some are absolute garbage. This is the problem and many of the internet marketers that want to gain ranking in the search engines will avoid directories altogether. You do not have to do this because some directory links are still good.

You will, however, have to figure out how to tell the difference between a good directory and one that is worthless. This means you have to know how the tricks to spotting a good directory.

First, the directory needs to be indexed in the search engine and get crawled often. This is how your links on their pages will be found and you will get credit for them. If the directory is not indexed and crawled often, then it is a waste of your time.

Second, the links on the directory page need to be plain text without the “nofollow” tag attached. You can check this by viewing the source of the page. This will show you whether you are getting a regular dofollow link or whether it is a nofollow or a redirect. The dofollow is the only type of directory link that is worth it.

Last, you do not want to use directories that link to gambling, adult, or illegal content type of websites. These are considered bad neighborhoods and you do not want this to affect your website. These types of directories will only cause you problems and will be of no help to your website ranking.

Now you know that using directories is still something you can do, but you have to be careful and you cannot just mass submit to thousands of directories without knowing how good or bad they are first. Directory links still help your website, but only if you choose good directories to create links from.

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