Link Building Tips to Give You More Traffic from Google

people-linked8 Tips for Building Links and Page Rank
High quality links are part of the overall formula for creating a successful and profitable business. There are a number of different ways to acquire links to your websites, but the links so created are not all equal in terms of being valuable for increasing the search engine ranking of a website. What follows are 8 link building tips to boost your page rank.

Link building is needed for a website to be ranked highly in the search engine, and a very effective way to achieve this is through the creation of backlinks. It is also important to know what type of backlinks are the most effective for achieving better page ranking. The following types of links are the most effective for creating backlinks and will boost website ranking in the search engines.

8 Backlinks That Boost Search Engine Rankings

  • Authority Site Links – When a link is created on a site that is regarded as an authority site it will boost the site’s ranking greatly. This is especially true if the site is in the same niche as the site that has placed the link.
  • Related Site Links – One of the benefits of linking to a site that is in a related niche is that Google sees that site as providing relevance to the link, and as a result it is valued highly and will provide a great deal of link juice to the linking site. The search engine web spiders are powerfully attracted to back links from sites that are related.
  • High PR Site Links – A great deal of ‘link juice’ will also be given from the link that is made with a high page rank (PR) site. Google will provide a great value to this link which will result in the increased ranking of the website that is linked.
  • Do Follow Links – The best links to benefit search engine rankings are ‘dofollow’ links – that is those with the ‘dofollow’ tag applied. If only ‘nofollow’ tagged links are available from the site, then they are not to be used as they will not provide any good for the site. The ‘no follow’ tags were used initially to prevent spammers from posting links arbitrarily on sites to game the search engines. These links are not visible to the search engine bots and as a result will not create a backlink to your site and therefore not benefit SEO efforts.
  • One Way Links – The site seeking a link will place one on another suitable site and will not provide one for the site – so the link points back to the first site. Not reciprocating the linking will make it appear more natural to the search engines, and will result in an increased page ranking for the site.
  • Create Organic Links – Resist the temptation to hire a service to provide backlinks if your rankings should fall off. Subscribing to a monthly subscription and then stopping the service will often cause this to happen. To regain the ranking, create the backlinks yourself since the organic links will be permanent.
  • Forum Links – Joining forums related to the topic of your website will create many valuable backlinks for your site.
  • Keyword Anchor Text link – Google gives high scores for the placement of the main keyword a site is optimizing, in the anchor text of the link that points back to the site, so this is another excellent source of backlinks.
  • Although the process of link building is a long and tedious one, it is one of the most vital tasks that should be done to improve your site’s ranking in the search engines. These 8 link building tips will work to quickly raise the Google page rank of your site. The more valuable links you create pointing to your website, the more targeted traffic your site will receive.

What are the Best Backlinks For Google Ranking?
6 Criteria for Great Backlinks for a Website
The formula for a successful and revenue generating website has been and still is, to optimize the site around a number of keywords relevant to the topic of the website, to work on achieving the highest search engine ranking possible, providing high quality content that is regularly updated, and to get high quality and relevant backlinks to the website.

Backlinks (also called inlinks and inbound links) can be received in a number of different ways, but which are the best backlinks for your website?

Typical Ways to Create Backlinks

  • Blog Commenting
  • RSS Directories
  • Press Releases
  • Backlink Services
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Forum Signatures
  • Web 2.0 Properties
  • Web Directories
  • Link Exchanges
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Link Bait Posts
  • Guess Blogging

These are just some of the many ways to create backlinks to your website. Not all backlinks are created equal as some will provide a tremendous boost to your site’s rankings in the search engines while others will make hardly a difference.

Focus should be placed on those that provide greater benefits, and more time should be spent on seeking out more of the same kinds.

There are 6 different types of backlinks that are considered the best backlinks for the promotion of a website and a listing of them follows:

Best Backlinks for a Website

  • Links from a Related Site – It is generally believed that links from a site that is in the same niche as another and one that possesses related content, will provide a quality backlink to that site.As an example if a site dealing with dog obedience training, links with one that supplies healthy foods for dogs, that link will be considered a very good backlink.
  • Link from an Authority Site – Receiving a link from a site in your niche that is already highly ranked will help your website rankings tremendously.
  • Do Follow Links – Links that contain the ‘dofollow’ tag applied to the link are links that will benefit the website. On the other hand if a site only provides ‘nofollow’ tagged links, they will not be a benefit to your website.
  • Links Anchored with Keyword – Creating links that contain the main keyword in the anchor text must always be practiced since this is a standard way to tell the search engines which keywords you are optimizing your website for, and they will accordingly rank you for those words in the search engine results pages (SERPS). It is a good practice also to vary the wording of the anchor text.
  • Links from High PR Site – A website will receive a great deal of ‘link juice’ by receiving a link from a site that already has a high PR or page rank. Google will look at this and bestows a greater value to that site because of the connection it has made with the high PR site and as a result will increase the site’s rankings.
  • One Way Links – These are links from a site that is not reciprocated – that is the site receiving the link does not also provide one for the other site. Because they appear to be naturally formed, they have a very high perceived value in the eyes of the search engines.

If all these criteria can be found in just one backlink, then it could be considered the best backlink possible for your website.

However, the more of these criteria that are included in a backlink the more valuable it is in terms of getting top search engine rankings for your website, and the more targeted traffic will be received and better conversions and sales will follow.

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