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4 Necessary Search Engine Optimization Software Tools

The following 4 necessary SEO software tools are at the basis of effective optimization of your website and they will help to generate high rankings in the search engines (SEs), consistent targeted traffic, and increased revenue for your business.

Although there are many tools on the market that promise to assist with the optimizing of websites, they are not all effective in doing the job, but careful consideration and review will reveal the ones that are right for your site’s needs.

Necessary Tools for Website Optimization

Keyword Tool

A keyword tool is most often selected to help with the process of on-page SEO and niche selection. Some of these tools are available at a cost, but there are many that are quite valuable that can be had for free.

Determining the best keywords available for your website content is the purpose of on-page search engine optimization, but the appearance of these keyphrases within the content must also fit a specific format in the content.

The keywords, for proper search engine optimization, should appear in the body of the content, in the title of the article, in the description of the article and also in the Meta data of the content.

This one tool provides for effective creation of targeted keywords, and allows you to determine the competition for those words. You will be able to generate more keywords by combinations and the net result would be a massive amount of targeted traffic to your site.

The best known and well respected Google keyword tool is a free keyword tool that is used by many marketers and is an option available online. A paid option is Market Samurai which offers, in addition, a number of different filters that takes keyword analysis a little further. With this software you can set parameters to determine highly sought after keywords with low competition, and with a high commercial intent, among other factors.

Article Submitter

This tool eliminates the tedious task of manually submitting articles to the article directories. Article marketing has been consistently used by marketers for a long period or times and its effectiveness in website promotion is legendary.

An article submitter permits you to set up all details (headings, title, and the article body and resource box) for a number of directories and to schedule the submission to run on autopilot. The software creates reports on the success or otherwise of the submission attempts.

Where the use of article submitters is concerned, a marketer has two options. He can obtain a free or a paid version of the software, and submit the articles himself, or he can outsource the submission of the articles to a services organization. These companies will charge a service fee for the job, but considering that you will get the job done to the schedule you specify and you are entrusting the job to professionals, it will allow you to perform the important tasks of running your business. Companies such as iSnare and SubmitYourArticles can perform article submissions.

If however, you are on a tight budget and cannot afford the services of an article submission service, you can perform the submissions yourself. To save time you may want to only utilize the very top PR ranked article directories in your submissions. Example of paid article submission software is Article Marketing Robot and an example of a free article submitter is Article Submission Helper.

Link-Building Tool

Link building tools cover a number of tools that can build links to a website. They include both link building online services as well as link building software. Link building can also be achieved with the use of link directories, by ezines and also by search engines.

The search engines can be queried for high page ranking related websites so that your website can be linked to them, and in that way, the ranking of your website will increase just be the association. An easy way to locate these high ranked websites   is with the use of software.

Link popularity software will search out related websites that are willing to provide reciprocal linking with your website. This is smart software that can also calculate the competition of other websites in your niche.

Building quality links to relevant websites is crucial to the optimization of any website. More and more,  software tools are incorporating the ability to connect with the link directories.

Through this connection with the link directories, you will gain access to connect to quality, related websites, a process which creates backlinks back to your site and you will benefit by receiving targeted and massive traffic to your product pages.

Tracking Tool

Even when using the best site optimizing tools, constant tracking of your optimizing efforts are needed to obtain statistics on those efforts. This tool will show the results of your efforts and allow you to adjust your optimization tasks to produce the desired results.

Tracking can be done through the AWStats that is pre-installed in your web hosting account and provides free tracking of website activities. Also, Google Analytics is a free option that is quite well known and used by webmasters.

The combined use of a keyword research tool, an article submitter, a link-building tool, and tracking software provide the perfect tool set to effectively manage, execute and monitor your website optimizing efforts.

These are 4 necessary SEO software tools that could drastically help to reduce the manual labor involved in consistently optimizing your website. If these tools are effectively utilized you would be able to successfully optimize your websites and get high rankings in the SEs.

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