Is it Possible to Cancel a Web Hosting Plan Contract?


When You Should Cancel Your Web Hosting Plan

If you realize the services you are receiving from your current web hosting provider are not running as efficiently and smoothly as you would like, then you should switch to another host, otherwise your business operation would suffer.

In general, when you should cancel a web hosting plan would be after you realize that certain expected services and performances are not being offered as you had been promised, but before your business becomes affected by these shortcomings.

The shift you make to another host should be a planned strategy after researching your possible options, and should be a gradual transition that ensures the current account is not blocked before the smooth operation on the new host is verified.

The following situations are critical issues that warrant a shift to another hosting provider.

Frequent Server Downtime

  • It is a critical issue if the hosting provider for your business website is constantly affected by server downtime. Such bouts of server outages will seriously derail the business’ ability to generate revenue which is the sole purpose of the business to begin with.
  • Oftentimes part of the decision of a client to select a particular hosting provider is based on the 99% or better uptime guarantee offered by the host, so the reality of suffering through frequent outages of the server, should immediately warrant a change to another host.
  • Frequent server downtimes not only affect the business’ ability to generate revenue, but it also seriously impacts your customers’ access to your business website. Frequent blocked or slowed access to the business website will result in a reduced customer loyalty and credibility and eventual loss of customers.

Unexplained Terms and Fees

  • Unfair and unexpected fees and charges on your hosting monthly billing should be immediate cause for concern. If after verifying the illegitimacy of such charges by reference to your hosting provider’s terms of service, and after futile attempts to get your customer service to rectify the situation, then it is time to consider a change of hosting provider.

Poor Customer and Technical Service

  • Customer and technical support services are crucially important to the smooth operation of a business operation. Support provided should be fast, efficient and effective and should be provided in a professional manner that is mindful of the business’ need for knowledgeable support for its operations.
  • The competition in the hosting industry is very competitive these days, and as a result many hosts are offering 24/7/365 customer support. These services are usually reachable by telephone, chat sessions and also by email.
  • This is fast becoming the standard in the industry, and as such you will not have to pay an expensive monthly hosting to enjoy such service.
  • Lack of good and responsive customer support could result in the business website customers not having constant access to the site, and as a result they may lose confidence in the site and may seek out competing websites to conduct their purchases. This will seriously affect the business’ bottom line and that would not be acceptable.

Slowly Transferring Your Sites

  • If you have decided to discontinue your hosting with your web hosting provider because of unprofessional service, and you are convinced that the situation cannot be rectified, you could ask for a pro-rated refund of the fees paid.
  • Chances are,  the host will not honor such a request, but you could still retain the account until it expires, and just transfer your most vital sites to the new hosting provider.
  • This transfer can be easily done by first creating a backup in the control panel of the host you are leaving and then transferring it to your new host where you will restore the site from backup.
  • The good news here is that most hosting companies all have a cpanel, so the learning curve for handling the transfer and restore is considerably lowered. Alternatively, the transfer can be handled by the FTP process.

An important consideration to bear  in mind as you research your new hosting company, is to seek out reputable online reviews and customer testimonials on the hosting providers you are considering.

This is the only true way to determine if the claims the hosts are making are truthful and accurate. Based on the  reviews and experiences you read, you will be in a better position to make a more informed decision on the next hosting provider you select.

These unfavorable situations with your hosting provider outlines when you should cancel a web hosting plan. At the center of your decision to transfer service is your business’ continued smooth and efficient operation as well as its need for a reliable hosting service that facilitates the business’ bottom line.

You may access excellent resources online on the best choices in hosting providers, or you can browse our webpages here for special insights into which providers give reliable and efficient hosting for your business.

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