Make Money With a Blog – For the Unemployed

Five simple ways to Make Money with a blog

Have you ever heard the story of a friend’s friend who claims to make money with a blog, while the
y are working from home?  I know I have.  While there are a lot of scams out on the Internet, keep reading and I will introduce you to five revenue generating concepts that can help you make money with a blog or website.

Concept 1 – Make Money with a Blog using e-commerce

An e-commerce site, is a website that sells products, usually physical products that are purchased from the website, and then shipped to a customer’s house.  In this revenue model, you could sell products like kitchen aprons.  Say you either buy or make kitchen aprons for $2, then sell them online on your website for $10 each.

Typically you have to pay for some shipping, which might cost $2-3 depending on where it’s shipped, so the total cost to you is $5, and you end up with $5 profit.  A simple way to get started is through or, where you can sell your items for a small fee or for free, and make some fast cash. This is the fastest way to start making money through a blog or website if your unemployed and desperate for cash.

Concept 2 – Write an e-book

Another solid method of making money online is to write an e-book about a topic that your passionate about, or a topic that you consider yourself to be an expert in.  Just about anyone can read an e-book. A sample topic a teen could write on could be “Growing up as a kid in a single parent home.”  A Woman could write an e-book on “surviving as a woman in a man’s profession” or “101 ways how I work twice as hard as my full time husband” and Men could write on a topic such as “The balancing act of work and family”

Choosing a good topic and price is key, but once the e-book is written, the costs of continued operations are very small, and the book can be delivered instantly through e-mail to the customer without you having to do anything.  An e-book can be a great way to make money with a blog with very little costs.

Concept 3 – Affiliate Sales

A third way that you can make money with a blog is by using affiliate sales.  An affiliate is essentially a sales person on 100% commission.  You don’t make money yourself unless someone else buys a product from the supplier, and you deliver the consumer to the website selling the products.

This is my first choice for making money online, and I make money through a website where I write professional digital camcorder reviews and tutorials.  For example, here is my review of the Panasonic HMC40 Camcorder.  If your a fisherman, you could run an affiliate fishing rod blog. If a particular fishing rod sells for $150, with the store giving you 4% commission for any fishing rod sale that you refer to them, then you will get $6 for each rod sold.  The more fishing rods sold, the more money you get.  It’s that simple.

Concept 4 – Adsense

The Fourth that I want to introduce to you on how to make money with a blog, is through using Google Adsense.  Google’s Adsense service is a simple service that’s free to sign up for, that you can use to place ads on the sides or on the bottom or on the top of your website.  Each time someone clicks on one of those ads along the side, you instantly get paid.

Payments can be anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars, and varies greatly by a lot of factors.  The general idea is that you can make money with your blog by writing useful or interesting articles that people want to read about, and some people will naturally click on your banner ads, and when they do, you make money.

Concept 5 – Sell a service or subscription

The final concept that I want to introduce you to, in order to make money with a blog, is through selling a subscription service.  Netflix is an example subscription service where people will subscribe to a monthly fee in order to get access to a large library of streaming movies and tv shows for $11 / month.  Another concept site that has a subscription model is, a site to learn about specific technology resources.  Many online universities are also starting to use this business model.

If your looking to make money with a blog, no matter which way you try to make money, understand that it takes time, hard work, and patience.

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