Why Use WordPress to Run Your Website?

There are a number of reasons why a variety of people would want to use WordPress to maintain, update, and facilitate their websites. WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) regularly employed on the web today, and can be highly effective when used for both blogging and traditional website platforms.

There are several facets of this product (which essentially includes the software and individual user adaptations) that make it a viable alternative to managing website content. A number of users have found that due to the affordability, level of support, and customization offered by WordPress, that it is an ideal solution to the presentation and management of website content. Certain aspects of WordPress are even used by some professional designers who are constructing internet space for clients.


Cost Benefits


One of the most advantageous aspects of using WordPress is associated with its cost, which is highly inexpensive when compared to traditional web design. Due to the fact that WordPress is an open source software, the software itself can be downloaded and employed on any form of personal or commercial internet site for free.

Additionally, a number of applications and specific uses of the software can also be readily utilized free of charge as well. A number of the template-based themes (which are essentially the look and feel of the design for a specific web page) can be accessed without any additional costs, while those looking for a more individual approach will find other themes to be inexpensive, typically retailing for less than $100.


Additionally, it should be noted that WordPress is extremely user friendly, and fairly intuitive as well. Those looking to minimize the costs associated with a website will find that there is really little need to employ a full-time webmaster, and that many facets of web site creation (with its inherent updates and changes to content) can be done quickly and painlessly.

The user-friendly feel of the software is relatively non-technical in nature, and can largely be manipulated with a built-in dashboard that allows for easy manipulation of various themes, categories, settings, and other facets of web design. Entering content has never been easier, and there is typically not a need for lengthy (or costly) training sessions before users become adept at the process.


Also, WordPress software is being continually updated by its developers for a little to no costs for the users. Updates include patches and fixes for security. Again, there is no need to pay for any installation or administrative fees; users can access updates with a click of a mouse.


Design Benefits


One of the key boons for using WordPress to run your website is the high degree of customization this software affords its users. Whereas traditional websites require a substantial amount of web design experience and coding expertise (which all but requires a degree in web design), WordPress blogs and websites can be customized through the usage of plug-ins, which are essentially options that users can choose to add to their web site content.

Plug-ins may be found on the WordPress website or on the internet, are typically low cost, and can dynamically alter the functionality of specific pages. As with most of the basic features on WordPress, plug-ins can be installed with fairly expediently with just a click of the mouse.


The appearance of a website or a blog that operates via WordPress can be drastically altered and specialized by utilizing different themes. As previously mentioned, some themes can be found free through WordPress, others cost a modest fee, while several others may be simply downloaded off the internet at no cost.

Whereas those with a degree in web design that specialized in conventional site constructing tools such as Dreamweaver would have needed several days to completely revamp the look and feel of a site, WordPress users can complete this process in a matter of minutes by simply selecting a new theme. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a formal degree in web design while using WordPress; those interested in obtaining more information about such fields of study may do so at this site about design degrees. But such technical experience is not necessary while using Word Press and its themes, which can be downloaded according to need and category.




Due to the nature of the software used with WordPress, it enables optimal search engine results, particularly on Google. Site trafficking can increase and maintain a fairly prominent presence with specific alterations made to one’s WordPress software. There are specific plug-ins available that enhance search engine optimization, and other moderations that can be used to produce better search engine results and get more visitors to the sites of Word Press users. By making different categories for site content and tagging posts users can improve their search engine results, while certain facets of WordPress (such as its self ping feature) notifies search engines of updates and increases site presence on those engines.


In addition to being extremely search engine friendly, WordPress is supported by an increasingly growing surrounding community of users and developers around the world that may be accessed from anywhere. Therefore, there are a number of WordPress communities and forums that can help to provide answers to any questions that users may have about this product and its specific features.

Some of these communities are known as user groups, which provide a number of resources to be utilized by some of the most savvy WordPress users. Also, due to the popularity of WordPress, a Google search can more than likely provide solutions to some of the most commonly found questions associated with its use. Additional options for support may be found at WordPress’ website.


Web presence is also optimized for Word Press users due to the fact that the software enables sites to have their own domain name, as opposed to a sub-domain name. Domain names allow for a greater degree of customization and better search engine results, whereas sub domain names typically include the name of the server as part of the URL.


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