What is the Best Use for the Genesis Theme?

The WordPress Genesis theme is correctly referred to as the Genesis Theme Framework, and was developed by StudioPress. The theme is really a group of related themes and not one single theme. The theme framework is a vanilla parent theme which is built up using child themes which add the required functionalities.

The use of the child themes will give that theme its own home page that you can customize to create the layout you need. The use of child themes will allow you to create any style and design that you can conceive.

Features of the Theme

  • SEO Optimized – With the vast majority of themes used with WordPress, a third party plugin such as “All in one SEO” , must be installed to provide on-site optimization for the site. However, the use of this theme does not require such a plugin.
  • The Genesis Framework provides its own SEO panel which provides the on-site optimization for the website and so helps your site’s ranking in the search engine, and improves its positioning in the search engine results pages.
  • Many Designs Available – There are many designs in the form of child themes that can be installed in a matter of minutes. All you will need to add is the content to the webpages.  
  • Navigation Control – After installing the Genesis theme, the free plugin “Genesis Simple Menu” should be installed and activated. It is this plugin that allows you to fully customize the navigation menu within the Genesis theme.
  • You will be able to create your own customized menu navigation with the pages or posts or both that you need for your website.
  • Customization of Footers- The free plugin “Genesis Simple Hooks” should be installed and activated. This will make it possible for you to customize the footer with any information, and links that you choose, and you would be able to do that without any knowledge of PHP.
  • Sidebar Customization – The “Genesis Simple Sidebars” allows you to customize the sidebars of your webpages. In most WordPress blogs the sidebars are always the same for all the web pages, but with this plugin it becomes possible to customize the sidebars. A business could promote its different services after customizing the sidebars in this way.
  • Titles and Excerpts – These may appear on the home page and within the sidebars of the website, similar to the way it appears in newspaper websites.  The home page and side bars of the Genesis Framework can be customized in the exact same way. There are many places that widgets can be placed to achieve this customization.
  • Widget-Ready Home Page – With your typical WordPress theme, widgets are only used in the sidebars, but with this  theme, they can be positioned anywhere on your home page. By using the widgets on the home page, areas of content can be placed anywhere you choose.
  • Layout Options – Typically the pages and posts in a website would have a pre-structured layout that is the same on every page and post. These usually are 1 or 2 or 3 column structures.
  • With the Genesis theme, you are provided with as many as 6 different layout options to choose from, that include content and right sidebar, content and left sidebar, content and two right sidebars, content and two left sidebars, and a full width option.
  • These options give way to a great deal of customization especially if it is combined with the opportunities for customization within the sidebars themselves.

The Genesis Theme Framework can be purchased at different package levels, and the prices range from $59.95 for the Genesis package, $84.95 for the Genesis + Prose package and $249.95 for the Pro Plus developer Package that includes every theme that is made.

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