How Authority Backlinks Change Your Ranking

Most business have a significant issue not present among those in the dental profession. And this works in the dentist’s favor. There is an array of information of such depth and breadth that any site that needs to draw on information to be of use, has much to choose from. For example, a dentist wishing to carve a niche in dental prosthesis or implants has an avalanche of information available to him to make his website an authority.


Rankings on the web are based on authority on a certain subject. In search bot terms, this authority is based on the number of links that makes its way back to the site. It is similar to a person who is an authority on a subject will always be referred to in a body of work. For example, if a person wanted to refer to a body of work in the field of nuclear physics, they will point to Einstein’s work, that give’s Einstein the credibility of recognition of his peers. When a site is referred to in its work, it gives the site credibility as well. This reference is measured in terms of back links.


Links are words or phrases that are highlighted and allow the user to click on them. By clicking on them it will transport the user to the the website that theoretically gives more information on that topic. These links may be internal – meaning it points to another page within the website. Or it could be external – that points to another site. When a person clicks on a link and it takes them to the dentist’s website, it is referred to as a backlink to the dentist’s site. The more backlinks the better the site will rank.

Page Rank

Off course, not any site that originates the backlinks will weigh equally in the calculus of ranking algorithms. A site such as CNN backlinking to a dental site will carry more value in that one back link than would a few dozen blogs no one visits. This is a defining factor that most people do not understand, it is called page rank and it determines how much to weigh its links.

So as to recap, a dentist’s site will rank higher when there are more authority back links coming from higher ranking pages. And this is very easy to understand and demystifies the process. With this understanding then it makes planning the search engine optimization strategy a dentist’s website match the needs to reach a patient by getting better search engine ranking.

Post by Elliot Pearson who writes frequently on the subjects of dentist website design and dental seo marketing from his experience working for Dentist Identity.

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