Finding and Using the Best Facebook Marketing Ideas


5 of the Top Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses

For several reasons FaceBook is a superb advertising media for any business. The most outstanding reason for a business to have an online presence on FaceBook is because, second only to Google in size, it boasts over 500 million active daily visitors.

Another great reason for a business to become involved in FaceBook is that it is possible to easily find and interact with highly targeted customers because of the very way the social media platform is designed to work. What follows are some of the best FaceBook marketing ideas for businesses.

Because of the huge amount of traffic on FaceBook daily, businesses are utilizing the platform to gain increased visibility for their products and services.

Their purposes on FaceBook may be to increase brand awareness of their company, to seek feedback from their targeted audience regarding their products and services, to provide helpful expert information and advice regarding the solutions provided by the products they promote, and to increase sales and services for their products.

Because of the profound impact of this social media site on the bottom line of many businesses, it is said that if a business does not develop its presence on FaceBook, it will be left behind by its competition.

Above all else, it should be remembered that FaceBook is a social media site to which users get together with friends and family and make connections with others.

It was never intended to be a site for companies to conduct business, so the approach to a business’ targeted audience must be through networking, joining in the ongoing conversations on issues and problems that could be solved by the products and services they provide, and not by blatantly placing banners, or indulging in PPC advertising.

The 5 Best FaceBook Marketing Ideas

  • Create a Page and Group – Once a business has identified that its targeted audience frequents FaceBook, it should then seek to build its following on the site by providing useful, valuable information that is maintained regularly through a FB page and a FB Group page.  In this way the business will be seen as an expert and leader in the field.
  • Upload Picture – Since FaceBook is all about connecting with others, it is important that users know who they are dealing with. They are interested in seeing what you look like and also what you are about in your life. Take a picture of yourself and post it in your profile. This alone will significantly increase the number of users who will follow you.
  • Complete Bio – Completing the bio information on your page is critical to attracting a following to your page. The information required here are the facts people will want to know about you before they will become your followers, and if they resonate with your personality, what you are involved in and your reasons for being on FaceBook, then they will develop trust and confidence in you and will become your followers.
  • Network with Leaders – A sure way to advance you effectiveness on FaceBook is to seek out and network with the leaders of other groups that relate to your product niche. Join the conversations of these groups, identify and follow the leaders, and post friend requests. This should be done according to a daily plan where you seek out leaders in their groups (may be 20 a day) as this can form a critical link to boost your group of followers.
  • Practice Attraction Marketing – Here the aim is to show yourself as a leader, offering valuable and useful information about your niche to its targeted audience. Your updates to your page should be aimed at showing that expertise and should not be used as a sales promotion for your business products.

The best approach for any business is to bear in mind the 5 best FaceBook marketing ideas provided here, but to also explore the site and determine what works best for your products and services and in the process create relationships with targeted users,  and build an e-mail list while exploring the business possibilities.

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