The Best Choice for a Virtual Dedicated Server

blade-serversHow Virtual Server Hosting Works
Virtual dedicated server (VDS) hosting  may be the perfect choice for a webmaster whose needs are no longer met by shared hosting and who does not want the expense of a dedicated hosting plan. VDS is also referred to as virtual private server or VPS.  A VDS is created with the use of virtualization software which partitions a physical computer into several servers each of which operates as a separate machine from the others and is therefore totally ‘private’.

In a VPS, the websites still do share the RAM and also the central processing unit with others on the server, but they are partitioned from others in their own dedicated space, and they are allocated a fixed share of server resources at all times. Because of this the VPS actually functions and acts much like a dedicated server.  The preference for a VPS over a shared or a dedicated server lies in the issue of the cost. The VPS provides for a webmaster the server control they seek and will not get in a shared hosting plan. At the same time, they would not be able to afford a dedicated server to get that control. They have the best of both worlds in their choice of a VDS.

Facts on VDS Hosting
In VDS hosting, the client has access to a greater amount of resources than he would in a shared hosting plan, but although the webmaster is on a server with other clients, he is on a partition of the server and is not responsible for renting the entire server.   A VDS has the autonomy and separateness of a true dedicated server, without the expense of one, and in fact it is just slightly more expensive that the shared server but enjoys more disk space and higher bandwidth that the shared server hosting.  A VDS operates independently of other virtual servers on the same computer, and could even utilize an operating system that is different from those in use by the other virtual servers in other partitions on the same server.  The management of a VDS is the responsibility of the hosting company as opposed to a dedicated server hosting where the clients often are responsible for their server maintenance.

In VDS server hosting it is possible to host many different websites in the one partition as well as an FTP server or even a mail server or for backup and file storage. This type of hosting is ideally suited to mid-sized websites that do not require a full-fledged server.  Because of the independent operation of the VDS, there is no concern that an inexperienced webmaster on the same server may inadvertently bring the server down by an error in judgment. A VDS is more reliable since its resources are exclusive to it.  The VDS hosting is important for some websites that may have to install certain third party components that is needed for its software, but where the installation of such components cannot be done on shared hosting.  Virtual dedicated server plans are generally Linux platform. Linux is open source and therefore less expensive than a Windows platform which will be subject to license fees.

The virtual dedicated server hosting plan has become very popular with many businesses and satisfies their hosting needs very well, because their hosting plans have been customized in a very precise way. These companies are acutely aware of their website’s bandwidth needs, they know precisely the amount of traffic their sites requires and they are aware of how that requirement will change with various factors.

Because of these known details of their sites, they can precisely make the virtual server provide the right hosting environment to keep the website operating smoothly. Since the needs of the site are precisely known, it will lack for nothing in terms of resources and features.

Finding The Best Dedicated Hosting Companies for your Website
Using the Best Dedicated hosting Companies can Make a Huge Difference
Dedicated hosting is exactly what it sounds like. It is when the server is only used by you. This has many advantages, but it is not right for everybody. There are some circumstances where shared hosting is just fine for your needs, but there are also some types of companies that need to have one of the best dedicated hosting companies because shared hosting would be a big mistake.

data-center-serversIf you are running a website that is starting to see huge increases in traffic, then it might be time to get rid of the shared hosting and move on to the dedicated hosting. When you are using shared hosting and you begin to get a large amount of traffic you could see your website get shut down because the server cannot handle it.

Don’t Lose Out on Traffic, Instead Use One of the Best Dedicated Hosting Companies
Those that have seen their websites shut down because they start to get too much traffic need to switch hosting because this can cost you quite a bit of money in profits. There are many great dedicated hosting companies that can provide you with a server that can handle the amount of traffic you have coming in.

This can keep you from getting shut down and losing money while your site is done. If you know you are going to be starting a site that is going to be getting a large amount of traffic, then you need to start with a server that can handle this right from the beginning.

If you start with shared hosting and you end up getting a large amount of traffic you will certainly experience more downtime than you want. This means that your website will struggle to stay up and this can make visitors wonder how stable your company is.

The Best Dedicated Hosting Companies Are…..
The one hosting company that is rated at the top of the list for the best dedicated hosting companies of 2013 is ITX Design which was followed in second by Host Gator. This company provides that best value for your price for dedicated hosting. It is a highly recommended hosting company that many of the top website owners use.

Another good choice is LiquidWeb, however they are more expensive than SingleHop. If you are looking to switch from shared hosting to one of the best dedicated hosting companies, then you need to consider reading reviews on both of these hosting companies to make sure they can provide you with exactly what you need.

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