Kindle Fire or Nook Reader?


Which Do you Prefer, the Kindle Fire or the Nook Reader?

With Amazon entering into the full tablet market the Kindle Fire is now taking on the Nook Reader. These are two of the top choices for tablets this Christmas and you need to know which one is best. Many people have been highly impressed with blog as they can browse the internet, watch all types of visitors, read books, and do many other things.

There are many similarities between the two, but there are many differences as well. The Nook Reader has been on the market longer, but the Kindle Fire is the first real try by Amazon to enter into the tablet marketplace completely. It may come to which one you, personally, decide you like better, but here is a rundown of both to help you choose.

The Kindle Fire and The Nook Reader Features

Kindle Fire and Nook Reader

The Kindle Fire

This is the tablet version of the earlier kindle readers and it was created to give the user the chance to have full color and a tablet from Amazon. It is the best out of all the kindles and the newest. It was just released in September of 2011 and many love it for reading books, watching movies, and for many other things.

You have the option to choose from millions of different movies and television shows that are compatible with the Kindle Fire. You can use it to browse the internet, play games, and do pretty much anything you want to do online. Here are some of the top features of the Kindle Fire:

– Stream Movies and TV Shows
– Read Books and Magazines
– Play Games
– Full of Useful Apps
– Super Fast Internet Browsing
– Color Screen for the First time on a Kindle
– Touchscreen
– 8 GB of Internal Memory

Many consumers are raving about the Kindle Fire and for great reasons. It has many great features and it is only $199.99. This is much cheaper than nearly every competing tablet on the market and you get access to millions of books on top of it. Beside the books, you will have access to many different games, TV shows, apps, and more. This is the most complete kindle and finally competes with all the other tablets on the market.

The Nook Reader

The Nook Reader was released before the Kindle Fire and has gone through some of the necessary changes to get it to the place Barnes and Noble wanted it to be at. It is the top selling e-reader was originally priced well over $200. However, with the Amazon Fire coming out at such a low price Barnes and Noble was forced to lower their price to compete.

Since the consumer has the choice between both, they could not risk losing customers due to their price. The things that make the Nook Reader so amazing is the access you get to over two million books along with many Apps, games, and music. Here are some of the top features of the Nook Reader:

– Over 2 million books
– Animated and Interactive kid’s books
– Access to Many Popular Games
– Web Browsing and Email Capabilities
– Free Support

Both of these products are very similar and the differences are very small. The Nook Reader developers are working on adding more features and making their product even better, however. One of the features they are working on is Nook comics and this will give you access to Marvel comics on your Nook Reader.

Choosing the Kindle Fire or Nook Reader

You have many things to look at when trying to decide which one of these you prefer. Make sure you take a look at a full list of everything offered, read current customer reviews, and choose the tablet that is best for you. Whether it is the Kindle Fire or the Nook Reader you will have a very powerful device in your hands.

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